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A healthy economy needs immigrants

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2023 | Immigration Law |

There’s no denying that immigrants play a vital role in our economy. From agriculture to finance, businesses across the country rely on foreign-born workers to keep things running smoothly.

And while the current debate over immigration reform can be heated at times, it’s important to remember that without immigrants, our economy would slowly grind to a halt.

Immigrant workers fulfill the need for labor

The significance of immigrant workers cannot be understated in today’s United States workforce. Many industries, ranging from agricultural to tech, employ a high number of immigrants to handle the influx of demand for their services.

In addition, many immigrant workers take jobs that American citizens are not interested in filling, such as dangerous job sites and repetitive labor activities. Without the benefits of immigrant labor, some businesses would face extreme difficulty meeting their quotas and staying profitable. Immigrants also provide inspiration and innovation and introduce different cultural perspectives within the workplace. All of this ultimately leads to increased productivity and economic growth.

In addition, their spending strengthens local businesses, their taxes contribute to the state’s revenue, and their knowledge and skills diversify our workforce. Immigrants tend to be entrepreneurs, driving innovation and creating new jobs for native-born Americans. Furthermore, many are self-sufficient upon arrival, allowing them to quickly become productive members of society, contributing both financially and professionally from day one.

Obtaining legal employment in the United States can be a challenge for immigrants, fraught with obstacles and paperwork. Work permits are provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as evidence that a foreign national has been authorized to work legally in the country. Without these documents, immigrants cannot prove their eligibility to prospective employers. A valid work permit is essential for legal job-seeking – both from an immigration standpoint and from an economic perspective – allowing immigrants an avenue to become productive members of society by fully harnessing their skillset in a legitimate career.