Immigration And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Do You Have A Conviction?

Have you or someone you know been arrested or convicted of a crime? These incidents are part of your permanent criminal history and are included on various local, state and nationwide databases.

As a result, even if you “paid your debt” to society, your criminal history can have lasting negative consequences that extend far beyond any jail time or probation. For immigrants, even decades-old convictions can lead to extremely serious consequences, including denial of adjustment of status or naturalization and even deportation.

Also, because criminal records are public information, people other than law enforcement, including potential employers, licensing agencies and other members of the public can easily access your criminal record.

Find Out If We Can “Clean” Your Record And How It Will Help You

Fortunately, there are several ways to possibly “clean” your record by obtaining “post-conviction relief” to reduce or even eliminate the negative consequences of your criminal record. The following list gives some examples of the different forms of post-conviction relief that the law offices of Robert F. Jacobs & Associates, PLC, can help you with:

  • Motions to vacate a plea under PC § 1016.5 or PC § 1473.7
  • Habeas corpus petitions
  • Motions to withdraw a plea under PC § 1018
  • Motions for resentencing
  • Motions to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor under PC § 17(b)
  • Motions to terminate probation early
  • Petitions for “expungement” under PC § 1203.4
  • Petitions to seal juvenile records
  • Petitions to seal adult arrest records

All of the above listed types of post-conviction relief will help “clean” your criminal record and ultimately help you with your larger need, whether that is: (a) fixing any immigration issues, such as deportation or denial of an immigration application; (b) obtaining employment; or (c) any other personal reason you may have for cleaning your record.

However, it is extremely important to know which type of post-conviction relief is actually appropriate for your case. A skilled attorney can help you decide which motion or petition gives you the best chance of success and which type of post-conviction relief will help solve any larger issues, such as immigration or employment eligibility.

Here at the law offices of Robert F. Jacobs & Associates, PLC, we can help you:

  • Identify any potential problems in your criminal record
  • Diagnose the best means of “cleaning” your record
  • Explain the entire, often complicated, legal process of post-conviction relief
  • Fight to obtain the post-conviction relief you need and deserve

Contact Us Today If You Need Post-Conviction Relief

Robert F. Jacobs has assisted clients for over 25 years with all types of post-conviction related motions, petitions and applications. Additionally, our office is one of the few offices that truly specializes in the complex crossover between the criminal courts and immigration law.

Although we are located within Los Angeles County, our office has successfully obtained grants of motions to vacate and also other post-conviction relief in criminal courts in Southern California, as well as helping clients throughout California, from the San Francisco Bay Area all the way down to San Diego County. If you are interested in finding out more about “cleaning” your criminal history, please contact our office at 866-308-5703 or send an email.