Immigration And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Case Results

Undocumented Female, Mother Of Two Young U.S. Citizens, Facing Deportation

Our client was facing deportation to Mexico for being in the U.S. without documents. She was raising two young U.S. citizen children, ages 13 and 8. One of her children was exceptionally gifted in academics whereas the other child suffered from ADD. In the Immigration Court, we won “Cancellation of Removal” by showing that her deportation would cause “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship” to her citizen children. Outcome: Deportation Canceled, Granted Permanent Residency.

Lawful Permanent Resident Male Facing Deportation For Drug Conviction

Our client was a gifted college student studying architecture. His entire family had emigrated to the U.S. from France, and he was a lawful permanent resident whereas his entire family had already become U.S. citizens. The client was convicted of a drug-related offense and put into immigration court. Our office was able to stop the deportation, win “Cancellation of Removal” for permanent residents, and the client was able to complete his college education. Outcome: Permanent Resident Status Restored.

Portuguese Male Facing Imminent Deportation

Our client, a native of Portugal, was a permanent resident of the U.S. for nearly 50 years when he was convicted of multiple crimes, including drug and firearms offenses. He was deemed a “mandatory detainee” by ICE, held without immigration bond, and the immigration judge ordered him deported. Our office was able to successfully appeal the judge’s order and stop the deportation by proving the client was already a U.S. citizen through complex automatic citizenship laws. Outcome: Deportation Order Vacated. Client Proven To Be A U.S. Citizen.

Permanent Resident Male With Multiple ‘Aggravated Felony’ Crimes

Our permanent resident client was detained without bond by ICE and faced imminent deportation to Belize based on three crimes designated “aggravated felonies” by immigration. We filed post-conviction relief motions with the Los Angeles Superior Court and reduced the criminal sentences. Because of our successful post-conviction work, DHS moved the immigration judge to terminate immigration proceedings, and our client was able to return home to his family. Outcome: Criminal Sentences Reduced. Deportation Proceedings Terminated.

Undocumented Male Previously Ordered Deported By A Judge

Our client is a native of Thailand who came to our office after he had already been ordered deported by a judge. We took over the case and reopened the judge’s deportation order at the appellate court level. After reopening the case, we worked with the government to terminate immigration court proceedings, and the client applied for permanent residency through his U.S. citizen wife. Outcome: Immigration Case Reopened, Deportation Order Vacated, And Client Granted Permanent Residency.

Undocumented Female With A Prior Deportation Order

Our client is a native of Mexico who had previously been deported. She was apprehended and kept in custody by ICE who sought to reinstate the prior deportation. The client was afraid of returning to Mexico and was given a “reasonable fear” screening by an asylum officer. The asylum officer ruled against our client, but our office challenged that ruling in immigration court and the judge reversed the asylum officer’s decision. The judge allowed the client to apply for “withholding of removal.” In court, we won her case by proving our client would be harmed in Mexico as a victim of domestic violence. Outcome: Reinstatement Of Deportation Stopped. Withholding Of Removal Granted And Eligible For Permanent Residency.