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Which family members can sponsor an immigrant visa applicant?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Immigration Law |

Being apart from your family members can be a great source of heartache. When the distance is measured in thousands of miles, it might seem like you’ll never be together, especially if they live in another country.

Family-based immigration in the United States enables citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring their loved ones here through the use of immigrant visas. There are specific familial relationships that are required for these.

What relationships qualify for family-based visas?

The sponsor’s status in the United States plays a role in who they can sponsor. U.S. lawful permanent residents can only sponsor an unmarried daughter or son or their spouse for a visa. A U.S. citizen can file a petition for a sibling, parent, spouse, or child. Ensuring that the person you’re filing the petition for meets one of these classifications is critical so you don’t end up with a denial.

Are there limits to how many visas are approved each year?

There isn’t any limit to how many immediate relative visas are approved each year. These are only used for spouses, children, and parents. There are limits to how many family preference visas are issued each year. These cover other family members who aren’t part of the immediate relative category.

Family-based immigration is sometimes a challenging undertaking. The constant changes that occur within this area of law are often hard to keep up with. Working with someone who stays abreast of current policies and procedures may be beneficial for you. If possible, do this earlier on in the process so you can avoid any undue stress.