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What is a green card interview?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Immigration Law |

You may be preparing to get a green card so that you can gain permanent residency in the United States and work and live without difficulties. Many immigrants get their green cards through the green card lottery, with the help of family members or employers. But, if you’re getting a green card through your marriage, then there may be a few extra steps for you.

For an immigrant to get their green card through marriage, they must prove their marriage is legitimate. A marriage whose sole purpose was to help an immigrant access the U.S. is considered fraudulent. If it’s discovered that a marriage was fraudulent, then an immigrant could face deportation, fines, incarceration and be refused future visas.

To prove that your marriage is legit, you will need to go through an interview process. It’s important to dress properly and be on time for your green card interview, but it may be more important to know what will be asked of you. Here’s what you should know:

You may be asked about your spouse’s personal life

A lot of the questions during your green card interview will be related to your relationship with your spouse. You may be asked, for example, how you met your spouse, what led to the marriage and where you honeymooned.

There may also be personal questions asked about your spouse. You may be asked where your spouse works if they have any hobbies, and if they’ve been through higher education. You may also be asked about your spouse’s family and their relationship with them.

Preparing for the green card interview can be difficult. If you have questions, concerns or difficulties during the interview process, then it can help to reach out for legal help.