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Common myths associated with DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

One of the most repeated myths about drunk driving is that drivers should suck on pennies if they’re asked to take a breath test. This myth has been proven wrong many times, however, that doesn’t stop many people from sucking on a penny in an attempt to avoid criminal charges.

It can help to learn a few more common DUI myths if you’re pulled over by the police. Here’s what you should know:

Myth 1: Coffee and water can make you sober

Truth: Coffee can make you feel like you’re more focused after you’ve drank alcohol. Water can help hydrate you if you’ve been drinking alcohol. However, water and coffee can not make you sober. Once alcohol is absorbed into the body, the only way to remove it is by waiting. Drinking coffee and water after alcohol Will not reduce your blood alcohol content. 

Myth 2: The police can force you into answering their questions

Truth: The police have no right to force you into saying if you are drunk. Likewise, you don’t have to answer any questions related to where you have been or if you know why you’re being pulled over. You can plead the Fifth if you don’t want to answer any questions. Under the Fifth Amendment, you can state that you are not willing to answer any questions that might lead to self-incrimination.

Myth 3: Urine tests are always accurate

Truth: There are three chemical sobriety tests: breath, urine and blood. Out of the three, blood tests are the most accurate. Second to blood tests are breath tests, which are often taken because they’re portable. Urine tests are the least accurate because of lab errors and contamination. 

A traffic stop can go wrong in many ways. If you believe your legal rights were violated by the police or you are wrongly facing criminal charges, then you may need to reach out for legal help.