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How can a lawyer help me with obtaining a family visa?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Immigration Law |

Foreign-born US citizens looking to bring the rest of their family over to the USA generally have to apply for a family visa. The process for obtaining such a visa can be complex, and getting the assistance of a lawyer specializing in immigration laws can help in several ways.

Choosing the right visa

There are two types of family-based immigration visas depending on your relationship with the person you are applying for.

  • Immediate Relative visas are for those you are closely related to, such as your spouse, parents, or children (under 21 years).
  • Family Preference visas are for relatives who do not fall under the previous category, such as children older than 21 years and their spouses.

It is essential that you apply for the correct visa; otherwise, the US will likely deny your application. A lawyer can explain the different types of visas and help you select the one that is appropriate to your need.

Saving time

Visa application can be a lengthy process that involves many steps. A lawyer can walk you through this process and help you prepare, helping prevent delays and eliminate the need to repeat certain steps unnecessarily.

Submitting paperwork

Applicants generally need to submit various documents. A lawyer can help you prepare the necessary forms and their corresponding supporting papers. They can also help ensure you submit these documents to the correct authorities.

Immigration laws are complex, which usually makes securing a family visa challenging in many ways. An immigration lawyer might help by guiding you through the process and requirements, reducing your risk of committing mistakes and getting your application denied.