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The goal of a green card marriage interview 

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Immigration Law |

If you get married, and your spouse is a citizen but you are not, you may be able to use that marital status to get a green card. One of the reasons that the U.S. government gives out green cards is to allow married couples to stay together when one of them originally came to the United States on a visa and would have to leave when that visa expired.

Part of the process of getting the card may be a green card interview. It’s important to know what the goal of this interview is so that you know how to approach it.

A genuine marriage

At the green card interview, the questions they ask you are simply going to be about everyday occurrences in your life or about your relationship. They could ask you where you first met, who proposed to, where you like to go out to eat if you’ve talked about having children, what type of music you listen to and who tends to do household chores. These are just a few examples out of many potential questions, but the questions do tend to fall into this similar sort of pattern.

As you can see, there are no right or wrong answers, and the answers given are going to be different for every couple. That’s because the goal of the interview is just to ensure that your marriage is genuine. If both of you give relatively the same answers and are clearly in a relationship with one another, you’ll pass the interview without a problem. All the government is looking for are couples who are trying to fraudulently get a green card by pretending to be in a relationship when they actually are not.

As you work your way through this process, always be sure you know about the necessary legal steps to take.